How to Spot a Good and Bad 360 Degree Feedback Survey?

Organizations need to know if their employees are happy with their organization or not. At the same time, ahead of employee appraisal, organizations need to assess the performance of their employees. By reviewing the performance of employees, employers can easily assess the position of the employee in the firm, such as whether an employee has the capability to become the leader. In case, you have made up your mind to evaluate your employees, you can take the help of 360 degree evaluationIf you are wondering what this evaluation is all about, you will need to go through rest of the blog.

360 degree evaluation

What is 360-degree Feedback All About?

 360-degree feedback is basically a survey process that is designed to correctly evaluate a person. Usually, a target person’s work performance and their behavior with other employees are judged by other people who work with the target person. Depending on the ratings or the feedback a proper assessment can be made.

Most importantly, 360 degree feedback can be defined as a tool that allows employee with an opportunity to know them in a better way. Basically, the feedback can provide a great insight on the skills of a person. In case, a person need improvement in their skills, it can be done only after proper evaluation. In short, 360 feedback can be ideal for self assessment of employees.


What Does 360 Evaluation Look Like?

 A good 360 degree evaluation is perfect for evaluating the performance of employees. The best thing about the evaluation process is that the report remains completely confidential. Those who are taking part in it can confidently give their reviews. They don’t need to worry about their identity getting revealed.

A good 360 evaluation process looks like:

  • The survey provided by 360 degree feedback should be able to match the brand language of the company. It should try to make their employees understand the benefits of the evaluation process.
  • A best 360 degree evaluation will take into account the viewpoint of key groups like stakeholders, clients, peers, and colleagues. It can be a system which can help in improving relationship with leaders.
  • A quick survey through 360 evaluations can be completed very fast. One thing which must be kept in mind is that the questions should focus on a single thing.
  • The survey result obtained through the evaluation should be future focused. For instance, the weaknesses that get highlighted through 360 degree evaluation can be overcome through development programs.

360 degree evaluations

Bad Signs of 360 Feedback

  • The survey process should not be too long. Or else, it might look very daunting and time consuming.
  • A good 360 degree evaluation should not be a reflection of biased view. If a manager provides biased view, it can be very bad for the organization.
  • Poor 360 feedback surveys can greatly the questions used in the process. It won’t be able to correctly evaluate a person.

Organizations should take the help of professionals while implementing 360 degree for evaluating employees. Proper evaluation can help in the development process of a person from junior to senior level and so on.