BookmarkI think I need a website. What’s Involved?

To establish a web presence, you need three key things. A domain name, hosting and a web site built by either yourself or a web designer/developer.

Your domain name (www.mybusiness.com) can be purchased at any reputable reseller such as GoDaddy with a variety of extentions such as .com for businesses, .ca for Canadian sites or .org for non-profit groups.

Web hosting is where your site resides on the internet. Most web hosting companies offer reliable hosting at reasonable rates and come with added services like programming language support, databases, security for online shopping carts and traffic analytics.

To get a web site done professionally, it takes time, effort and dedication. It is important to strike a balance between functionality and content without making the site too busy or boring. Nobody like a boring website. Please tell me if this one is.

Each website is designed from the ground-up to ultimately be the best communication tool for a business or individual. I offer anything from simple 1 or 2 page websites to large CMS driven community portals based on your budget. First step is to meet up and discuss the project. Gather text and photos to be included on the site, discuss site design and how it will function.

BookmarkWhat’s a CMS?

A CMS or Content Management System is the software that sorts and catalogues your website data into a database. They allow easy addition, deletion and editing of content through an administration section. Blogs, Photo Galleries and community portals are the most common applications.

If you think a CMS is right for your site, I recommend quality open-source projects like Wordpress for blogs and CMS Made Simple or MODx for most other sites. Joomla and Drupal are also good CMSes, but involve a lot more customization and in-depth development.


BookmarkWhat does it cost to build?

Depending on the scale of the project, simple websites can take few days or so and more complex ones will take more than a few weeks. Prices are approximate, and in Canadian funds.

Simple Website $100: Includes web design and development with 1 or 2 pages including photos and basic search engine optimization.

Business Website $250: Includes web design and development with 5-10 pages including photos, search engine optimization, contact forms, and other custom scripting.

CMS Website / Portal $500: Includes web design and development with up to 20 pages of pre-designed content, search engine optimization, blog and photo gallery setup, and tutorials on how to administrate your site content.